Observatório do Audiovisual Potiguar

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The Observatory initially gathers the results of the first phase of the “Rio Grande do Norte Audiovisual Market” research carried out between July 2019 and June 2020. The objective of the research was to identify, chart and analyze the business models of the local market, with the purpose of cataloging the relations of power, gender, remuneration and specialization prevailing in the local productive arrangement.

The portal is structured in three sections: Analyzes, which gather articles, interviews and reviews that focus on different aspects of the market and audiovisual production in the state of Rio Grande do Norte; PotyFlix, a collaborative platform with data on the audiovisual productions of Potiguares in order to catalog, disseminate and preserve the audiovisual memory; and Map, an interactive tool, where it is possible to consult data on audiovisual production companies in Rio Grande do Norte.

observatory of audiovisual Potiguar is an EPA Extension Project! – Audiovisual Political Economy Research Group, Department of Social Communication, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte. Result of the Audiovisual Market Research Project in Rio Grande do Norte, coordinated by Janaine Aires.



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